James Grogan

This is My Story

In the summer of 2005 I injured my back by doing nothing more than reaching out of bed.  From that day on I suffered pain and discomfort in my lower back every day. After that I also started experiencing pain in other areas of my body such as my elbows, knees, and hips. As i’m sure many of you will have done I tried every method of therapy going to eliviate my pain and disomfort but often finding just mild relief for a while at best. Eleven years later always believing deep down there was someway to get rid of my pain I stubbled on across the work of a man called Dr John Sarno. As many do I read his book “Healing Back Pain” and dismissed it but then came back to it a year later to realise I was suffering from the sydrome described in this book, and even better news than that, there was a 100 percent cure to my issues. Although the title of Dr Sarno suggests the syndrome only applies to back pain this is not the case. It actually speaks for almost all chronic illnesses. My journey now continues by trying to help others rid them selves of their discomfort and pain from their lives and to live in happiness. 

My Recent Work

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