So what is TMS you ask?

How is this causing my chronic illness?

What can I do to stop TMS ruining my life?

TMS or Tension myositis syndrome or tension myoneural syndrome or even sometimes know as the mindbody syndrone was first discovered by the late Dr John Sarno. TMS is a condition in which unconscious emotional issues (primarily rage) initiate a process that causes physical pain and other symptoms. His theory suggests that the unconscious mind uses the autonomic nervous system to decrease blood flow to muscles, nerves and tendons, resulting in oxygen deprivation experienced as pain in the affected tissues. As a physician he began to see the coloration between the personality traits people had and whether their pain they were suffering This opened his eyes to show him that their pain was cognitive and not physical.

People find this hard to believe at first,as did I, but given the success people have had with applying this knowledge it’s quite hard to dismiss. I myself had great success using this knowledge and still continue to improve. Evidence from the medical field goes along way to back up Dr John Sarno’s theory too.

In Steven Ozanich’s book, “The Great Pain deception”, he shows many examples of people who showed disc ruptures, herniation and what not and still none the less eliminated there pain with help of DR John Sarno.

Steven Ozanich explains in great understandable detail how to follow Dr Sarnos work. Himself a heavy sufferer of TMS for over 30 years also first dismiss Dr Sarnos work but after giving it a go not only did he eliminate this pain – he’s also authoring top seller books helping people get rid of their pain.


So how can I be sure If I suffer from TMS and more importantly, how can I start to cure myself?

By using 2 east steps

  • Gain the nesecery knowledge
  • Put it in to practice

It’s that simple, not to say it will be easy though but defiantly achievable.

Be one of the ever growing number of people that are regaining their lives.

There are many different authors to follow but the two that stand out of I highly recommend to start with:

Dr John Sarno

Steve Ozanich

which you can find at

Thanls for reading

James Grogan




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